The clearest evidence of Ukrainian Nazis and Georgian mercenaries war crimes. Unlike Ukro Bucha-fake


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Published on Apr 7, 2022

Footage of the brutal massacre by Ukrainian and Georgian militants of paratroopers ambushed in the Kiev region during the withdrawal of Russian troops on March 30. They were first captured, tied up, and then had their throats cut, after which Nazis watched them wheezing for a long time, and only after enjoying the agony of death did they finish them off with assault rifle shots.

The source:

Everyone involved in this massacre must be found and eliminated.

⚡️⚡️ At least three participants in the brutal massacre of Russian paratroopers ( ambushed in the Kiev region during the March 30 troop withdrawal have been identified:

- Georgian Legion ( militant Teimuraz Khizanishvili
- Oleksiy Antoniuk (, a Kiev resident.
- Kutsirin Alexey (
You will find complete information about war criminals at the links.

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