The NOT TO DO List : 20 Bad Habits You Can Stop Today


Published on Oct 12, 2019

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Everyone's into making a To Do List. Here are twenty bad habits you can stop today, or at least over time. I propose a Not To Do List. Here are the first ten...

1. Speaking more than listening

2. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram more than twice a day

3. Not praising your spouse in public

4. Being concerned about what people think of you

5. Being concerned about human respect rather than God’s law

6. Gossiping

7. Not writing important things down

8. Praying only when you feel “holy feelings” or when the wheels of life have fallen off instead of praying every day, on purpose. Why? Because you wrote it down!

9. Watching hours and hours of sports every week

10. Forgetting to say “thank you” and “please”

If you halt these in their tracks, your peace and happiness levels will rise almost at once. Try it, and leave your comments below!


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