Left Forum Censoring and the Weaponizing of Anti Semitism & Holocaust Denial (Episode 15)


The Antedote


Published on Jun 6, 2017

Recorded in June 2017

Jeremy, fresh off of participating in the "Left Out Forum" of activists who were banned from
participating in the actual Left Forum, talks with Greg about his experience at the conference and gives details regarding the deliberate censorship of 9/11 and "deep state" researchers from the conference. From there, we discuss how the charges of Anti Semitism and Holocaust Denial have been used with much success by people who desire to limit free discourse and conversation about the Israeli role in the September 11th attacks as well as topics related to Zionist and Jewish power in general, and why people need to reject these labels as well as the stigmas attached with them and speak truth to power regardless. This is probably our most important show yet, so give it a listen!!!

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