911 basics ignored by Jonestown and Mass Media


Ryan Dawson


Published on Sep 8, 2014

Full Report here http://www.ancreport.com/posts/iraq-and-iran-policies-are-about-israel-not-oil/
Leftist gatekeepers ignore the architects of the lies and instead blame big oil. It fits their anti corporate world view. It does not fit the evidence though. 911 was wrongly associated to Iraq, The second invasion on Iraq in 2003 was based on a number of deceptions. They were accused of producing Weapons of Mass Destruction. Notably there were accusations of having :
1 Chemical weapons hidden under Saddam's palaces, (William Safire NYT)
2 Biological weapons in mobile weapon labs inside trucks, which had anthrax. (Judith Miller, Lewis Libby, Colin Powell)
3 Nuclear weapon's materiel purchased from Niger (Michael Ledeen, Condi Rice)
Then they were accused of meeting in Prague with and passing anthrax to Al Qaeda who was in turn accused of attacking the US with anthrax inside letters. (Israeli security, Fred Barns, Gary Schmitt)

1 So there weren't any chemical weapons under Saddam's palaces
2 There were no mobile trucks and Iraq didn't have anthrax
3 Iraq Never bought yellow-cake uranium from Niger or the Congo.
4 There was no meeting with Al Qaeda thus its also impossible to transfer anthrax at a meeting that never took place especially as it turns out neither party had anthrax to give or take.

Without Israel lying about anthrax, Colin Powell does not go to the UN with a mock vile of anthrax and there is no Iraq War.