Male Political-Govt Power Genocide Towards Women (World)


Teresa van Lieshout


Published on Jun 11, 2015
For thousands of years, male political-govt power has actioned GENOCIDE towards the world's women and children, and vulnerable men.

If political-govt men hadn't done it, we wouldn't have to fight to stop them.

Satanic political-govt men create political made laws, use govt men, and public money, for genocide, in all its forms, towards women and children, and vulnerable men.

They'll all burn in hell for it, including in Australia, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, and Bill Shorten, Colin Barnett, Michael Mischin, Mark McGowan, and all other liberal and labor politicians, male and female, with their evil corrupt greedy power they created the violence, none of them have spoken out publically to stop the issues.

Published 2008, $30 million, Royal Commission Report into WA police men, proves political-govt men use police men for Nazism, to steal from, kill, torture, and rape women and the vulnerable, 1000 page report, spans 20 years;

Australia is also the rape capital of the world; 100% the fault of political-govt men who enforce men raping as a 'political-sociogical weapon' against women and children;

The following provides a list of male power violent crimes towards women & children, throughout history to today;

Rape & Gang Rape
Male power driven forced sexual slavery & prostitution (men economic profiting off women & children, in addition to sexual crimes actions, including resulting deaths [murder])
Men selling, buying, and stealing women and children for exploitation and violence.
Child Prostitution (men murdering, sexual torture & exploitation, and economic corruption of children)
Social Pedophilia (in the community)
Legislative Pedophilia; 'age of consent' and so called 'child marriage' (widespread indoctrinated pedophilia throughout the world)
Economic Corruption against women and vulnerable men
Torture of women (govt facilities psychiatric torture and other forms of torture)
Jailing women for nothing or minor reasons/deprivation of liberty (torture)
Political-govt men raping women in government facilities (men using any form of sexual violence against women is rape)
So called church men violent crimes against women and children (e.g pedophile priests), and oppression of women in general.
Political/govt STEALING from the public (through police, sheriff's office, councils, fines enforcement, public trust; deserve to be shut down, & courts; magistrates courts deserve to be shut down and converted to 'Human Rights Courts' for Australian citizens)
All forms of economic corruption against women and children.
Political/govt violence against women (through Nazi like use of male dominated police)
Political/govt power driven suicide in the community.
Acid throwing on faces/bodies
Gender Selective Infanticide & Abortion (of females) [As widely practiced in China and India]
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Forced wearing of oppressive clothing
Male dominated politcal-govt Child Stealing off Birth Parents
Forced drugging & exploitation of women and children
Labour exploitation (denying equal pay, ensure slave labour, & denying senior work placements); political/govt men exploit & appease women, never empower them.
Political/Govt employs foreign men; dangerous to women
Male dominated political/govt violence against women
Male dominated military violence against women and children (murder, rape, pedophilia of civilians; men raping women in the military)
Male power driven Child Soldiers
Intellectual violence (men denying women education, work, & political power)
Sporting related sexual violence - e.g male world cup soccer events increases sex trafficking of women and children, and Australian football sexual violence.
Advertising sexual & physical violence against women and children
Violence Against Women & Children in General

Only women deserve to be politicians and work in the govt, and men on my team.

Matthew 12: 41 - 42