25 Things You Can't Say Anymore




Published on Sep 5, 2020

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Suffering from sheer CCP/Covid-19 virus exhaustion, I ran into brain lock. I tried. And...I did something better.

In this video, I give the Top 25 Things You Can't Say Anymore.

That's right, when and if you do, liberals meltdown right in front of you, epically, publically, sadly.

In no particular order, thanks to the PC thought police, here are the top 20 INSENSITIVE THINGS THAT IN ZERO CIRCUMSTANCES IS IT EVER OK TO SAY:

1- There are only two sexes, male and female

2- Boys cannot be girls and men cannot be women

3- Men can neither menstruate nor become pregnant

4- The devil is real

5- God is real, and is infinitely more powerful than the devil

6- Black Lives Matter is a Marxist attack on the family

7- “Gay marriage” doesn’t exist

8- Contraception is the theory, abortion the practice

9 - Abortion means killing a baby

10 Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church

11- A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for elder abuse

12- Racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and hate speech have never been adequately defined

13- Covid-19 is not lethal

14- Masks are useless

15- This lockdown has been brought to you by Mass Hypnosis and 24/7 propaganda

16- Western civilization is superior to all others

17- Islam is not a religion of peace

18- Pope Francis is a terrible teacher of the Catholic Faith

19- Global warming/climate change is mostly bogus

20- If vaccines work, your Unvaccinated kids aren’t a threat to kids who’ve been vaccinated

21- Saying “that’s gay”

22- Saying “man up!

23- Calling anyone fat.

24- Uttering any of the following; forefather, mother tongue, exotic, or daughter gene

25- Finally……

26- Jokes! Jokes aren’t funny. So stop telling them.

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