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Published on Jan 23, 2019

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Tuesday 24th September 2019
people asking me latest on mitigating 5g very briefly I never finished the shilding project and only completed shielded one quarter of the home
In 1970s i built my farmshed with iron roof and Vari-tran silver 1-114 quarter inch monolithic glass 6 foot by 7 foot LOF made in USA some 60 sheets
The silver was baked on when glass was formed in furnace at 1000s dgrees centigrade .Ther in USA shipped here in Victoria australia
the silver in glass on inside of glass is very good conductor same as silver copper gold sheets Next all the conducting monolithic 6 by 7 foot sheets had to be all connected to form one giant sheet with no electronic gaps continuous with the tin roof .......this Shielding worked to block and protect from Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation up to about 2G
since then i created the 2nd and 3rd faraday cage within the above faraday cage and removed all conducting wires and metals into the section of shielded farmshed : giving good reduction
but it disturbing Schumann resonances the global electromagnetic resonances in shielding section ,
and no power grid wires or conducting materials allowed to penetrate the farm shed shielded section

Than means no electricity is allowed to penetrate