Bilderberg 2017 – Christopher Cantwell (Radical Agenda) (June 3rd, 2017)

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Published on Jun 19, 2017

Westfield’s Marriott Hotel
Chantilly, Virginia
June 3rd, 2017

Christopher Cantwell (Radical Agenda) from originally New York but now New Hampshire explains what brought him to stand outside the Bilderberg Group Conference and some of the reasons he became actively involved. During the year 2009 Christopher Cantwell became aware of the Bilderberg Group after Gigi Bowman introduced him to Alex Jones and Jason Bermas’ films and work. Some of the issues that Christopher Cantwell came to the Bilderberg Group to discuss is the problematic nature of the State and as of late things such as sovereignty, mass migration and racial tensions. One particular issue that Chris would like to see an honest and legitimate conversation about the influence of Jewish Supremacy and what role it may be playing within the larger society of the globe since there are Jewish supremacist ruling class entities within the Bilderberg Group meeting that do represent the interests of their faction just as there are many other factions of other demographic groups also present within the meeting.

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