06/08/21 Tue: Cackling Kamala; E Jean Carroll; Remembering Liberty




Published on Jun 8, 2021

0:00 Tue, Jun 8, 2021
1:22 Stand Together, Squad Five-O
2:44 Hey, guys!
4:24 A couple news corrections
10:29 Cackling Kamala Harris
17:00 Jeremiah, Colfax, LA
38:56 E Jean Carroll
52:52 Art in OH
58:13 Super: Hunter S. Thompson
1:00:59 Anthem of Jimmy Rocketship
1:02:48 Super Chats, music comments
1:04:25 The USS Liberty incident
1:09:43 Earl in MI
1:14:36 Ravi, Houston, TX
1:23:03 Chad, Alberta, Canada
1:29:18 Tony in CA
1:35:21 Lord Grim in DC vs Tony
1:40:09 Tony got conned
1:43:06 President Trump clip
1:48:02 Merrick Garland DOJ
1:49:13 Herb in CA
1:53:42 Jason in Kansas
1:58:42 Thanks, all!
1:59:14 California, Squad Five-O

The Hake Report, Tuesday, June 8, 2021:
• Was the Colonial Pipeline cryptocurrency ransom recovery by authorities real or a lie?
• Cackling Kamala Harris, pressed on not visiting the border: "And I haven't been to Europe!"
• GREAT CALLS — see below.
• FLASHBACK: E Jean Carroll accuses Trump of "a fight" in another fake MeToo claim (she talked to CNN's Anderson Cooper), then sues for defamation; DOJ defends Trump?
• Trump speaks against Critical Race Theory.
• Remember the victims on this date in 1967; LBJ and allies allegedly botched a setup and coverup.
• Also check out Hake News from today.

• Jeremiah from Louisiana harps on Esau, riots, and history as an Israelite.
• Art from Ohio gives constructive criticism to the beta Israelites.
• Earl from Michigan claims women are in the image of God, and attacks JLP.
• Ravi from Houston, TX supports Israel and America as a Hindu.
• Chad from Alberta, Canada corrects statements and expresses love for America.
• Tony from California harps on Catholic crimes, and argues with Lord Grim.
• Lord Grim from Washington, D.C. tells the truth about Tony.
• Herb from California wants James to watch Sacrificing Liberty documentary.
• Jason from Kansas is Hispanic and says Southerners are too nice, if anything.

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