Alfie Died Today At 2:30 AM UK Time


Ordo Militaris Radio TV


Published on Apr 29, 2018


I must tell you all, that Alfie Evans died early in the morning at 2:30 AM UK Time, a contact who talked to Tom said this, "INDEED OLIVIA I SPOKE WITH TOM IN LIVERPOOL YESTERDAY HE TOLD ME ALFIE WAS A LOT BETTER IMAGINE MY SHOCK WHEN I WOKE TO DISCOVER HED DIED AT 2.30 THIS MORNING......DID THEY GIVE HIM SOMETHING TO FINISH HIM OFF??" Clive Grenville

I call on the European Parliament and all nations of the Parliament to call for the arrest of all Doctors, Administrators, Nurses of Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool, because I quote from Michael Hichborn April 23rd 2018: "I just checked a message I have from someone working with baby Alfie’s parents. I have CONFIRMED that the hospital WILL be administering drugs that suppress breathing. They are literally murdering the baby by lethal injection!" - Michael Hichborn, Lepanto Institute

This hospital is known for organ harvesting, also they have 1500 children who have died either by abortion, still born or died at birth, and have not released them, click the Guardian Report of January 30 2001

I also ask for the judges and lawyers used by the Hospital to hold and keep an Italian citizen and his parents, to be arrested and charged helping with the murder of Alfie Evans, and to be disbarred and no longer able to practice law, I also ask for the nurses and doctors to be banned from practicing medicine in any country ever again. These judges and lawyers remind me of the judges and "lawyers' of the Nuremberg Show Trials in World War Two and these doctors and nurses have followed their evil and psychopathic father Dr. Josef Mengele

I ask the European Parliament to charge these doctors with crimes against humanity, as the Allied Court at Nuremberg did with the SS German Officials.

Also, I support the new law being pushed through the European Parliament, Alfie's Law, to keep this from happening again.

Finally, I ask everyone to pray for Tom and Kate, and also for the judges, lawyers, nurses, doctors and administrators who planned the murder of Alfie Evans, so that these judges, lawyers, nurses, doctors, administrators come to the Truth of Christ and become Catholic, so they do not face the circle of hell that Saint Thomas Aquinas teaches that also his pupil, Dante writes about in the book The Inferno.