Inside an Anti-White "White Privilege Seminar" Created by Jewish Supremacist Org - Wiesenthal Center


The Last Stand


Published on Aug 9, 2017

Jewish Supremacy has become quite a problem in the entire Western world and many people simply are unaware of it.

This "Seminar" was performed by the "Wiesenthal Center" an obvious example of one of the MANY Jewish Organizations that spend massive amounts of money to fund the demonization of Europeans. The propaganda that they spew onto the audience is later parroted to students of the attendees, their children, family, friends, etc and has real world consequences through all future generations.

Their entire goal is create resentment of Whites in their own Homelands, all over the Western World. No group of people on Earth should have to tolerate the demonization & demoralization of their own people within their own territory.

Go sub to Gracey Van Der Mark for not backing down & getting the footage: