How Chechen special forces fight Daesh


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Published on Feb 9, 2016

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov told journalists of the Russia-1 TV Channel about the Chechen special forces, which fight in Syria against the Islamic State. He also clued in an extensive spy ring 'in the ISIS itself', where 'the best fighters of the Republic were sent'. According to the Head of the Republic, fighters of the Chechen special forces are currently in the territory of Syria and fight against the Islamic State. When hardly anybody could imagine how the Daesh will spread, Kadyrov got information on the creation of special training camps in the Middle East to prepare fighters, who practice Wahhabism.
Ramzan Kadyrov said that 'special forces' agents from Chechnya were penetrated into these camps. Nobody knew about it in Russia then, but I knew by that time that it will be named the IS. I deliberately sent my people there to check whether it's true'. At the time 'the best fighters of the Republic' were sent to Syria and 'thus we managed to create an extensive spy ring in the ISIS itself'. 'Our guys underwent training at the NATO bases,' Kadyrov noted. The journalists claim that today fighters of the Chechen special forces extract information on the structure and quantity of the terrorists and define targets for bombardments.
As we reported, Ramzan Kadyrov used to say as early as in October, that 'in 1999 when the Republic was seized by these shaitans, that exist today, we swore on the Koran to fight against them lifelong, wherever they are'.

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