New self-loading Udav pistol to replace Makarov


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Published on Apr 11, 2019

Russia has launched the serial production of the self-loading Udav pistol. The pistol is expected to be put into service, and manufacturers are awaiting a decision regarding its use in the army. The new weapon has been tested for durability and resistance. The pistol passed state trials in December 2018.

The self-loading nine-millimetre pistol "Udav" is entirely a domestic development made only of Russian components. The magazine of the pistol takes 18 rounds, which is ten rounds more than that of the Makarov pistol.

The Udav pistol, which translates as "Boa" or "constrictor" is omnivorous. The pistol can work with all types of 9×21 mm ammo: tracer, armor-piercing and expansive rounds. In addition, engineers have developed two exclusive rounds for the new pistol - of subsonic and enhanced penetrability. The gun is capable of penetrating second-class body armor.

The Udav gun will be manufactured in three different versions: for the troops, for special forces and for the civilian market. The pistol maintains performance at temperatures from -50 to +70 degrees Centigrade. Tactical and technical characteristics of the civilian version make the Udav gun competition to such small arms brands as Colt, Walther, Heckler & Koch, Glock, Browning and CZ. It may appear as early as in 2020 at a price tag of at least €250.

It is assumed that the "Udav" will replace the widely used, but outdated Makarov pistol.

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