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The Dangers of Trans Fats, (partially) Hydrogenated Oils, Trans Fatty Acids health risks




Published on May 7, 2008

Trans fats, also known as (partially) hydrogenated oils or fats, trans fatty acids are artificially produced fats that are very unhealthy.

The health risks and side effects of trans fats include heart disease, obesity, cancer, clogged arteries, high cholesterol, diabetes, birth defects, allergies, etc.

Food manufacturers use (partially) hydrogenated oils because it increases the shelf life of their products. This means less spoilage, less loss, and more profit! In addition, products with trans fat tend to taste quite good. Trans fats are used in thousands of food products such as fast food, chips, baked goods, french fries, etc.

Trans fats are produced through the hydrogenation of vegetable oils such as sunflower and soybean oils. During this chemical process, hydrogen molecules are added to the oil molecules and the oil then becomes solid as is the case with margarine.

When consuming natural fats, it takes the body 18 days to metabolize half of it. When consuming trans fats, it takes the body 51 days to metabolize half! This means 50% of trans fats you eat will still be in your body 51 days later! The consumption of trans fats is one of the main causes of the current obesity epidemic.

Food products contain trans fats if they include the following: (partially) hydrogenated oils and/or fats, shortening, margarine.

Butter also contains a small amount of natural trans-fat but this is not as harmful as the man-made produced trans fats. However, since butter is an animal-based food it can still cause clogging of the arteries!

Interesterified oils are also unhealthy as they are a mix of hydrogenated oils with liquid unsaturated oils. Please be aware, these are NOT labeled as trans fat!

Some foods now contain modified, fractionated or solidified oils. These are produced by mixing fluid unsaturated vegetable oils with solid saturated fats such as palm oil. These oils are healthier than trans fats as they are made from natural oils.

Consumers have repeatedly been warned about the health effects of saturated fats, especially saturated animal fats. However, trans fats are much worse!

The healthiest oil for frying and cooking is coconut oil as it remains stable at high temperatures because it has the highest content of saturated fat and does not break down into smaller carcinogenic compounds, unlike unsaturated oils such as olive oil. Not all saturated fats are unhealthy!

Tips for lowering trans fat consumption:

1. Choose liquid vegetable oils or soft tub margarine that contains little or no trans fats.

2. Avoid eating factory baked foods such as cookies, pies, donuts, snack foods, fast foods, and other processed foods. Assume that all factory produced foods contain trans fats unless labeled otherwise.

3. When foods with (partially) hydrogenated oils cannot be avoided, choose products that list partially hydrogenated oils near the end of the ingredients list.

4. When eating out, avoid desserts and deep-fried foods, as many restaurants still use partially hydrogenated oils.

Do your health a big favor and remove trans fats from your diet!

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."
Hosea 4:6 (KJV)

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