The main Donbass Front. Ukrainian army soldiers are taken prisoner of war by the dozens every day


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Published on Apr 29, 2022

You may find our previous video on POWs in Mariupol

Now we share a very short but representative video on new POWs near Izium This happens every day along the front line in the Eastern part of the front. There are numerous videos and photos of POWs.

LPR and Russian army capture Ukrainian soldiers every day by dozens in this main front of the whole special operation, where most of the Ukrainian army is concentrated. By official and unofficial data Ukraine looses 300-700 soldiers every day and hundreds get wounded. While Russian army and LDPR losses are roughly 10 times less according to unofficial information from bloggers and journalists. Compared to the beginning of the special operation the amount of Russian POWs reduced almost to zero. This is explained by the significant change in the warfare tactics.

Kiev regime seem to be burning out its army.

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