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Riccardo Bosi blocked from speaking - who was responsible?


Aussie Cossack


Published on May 14, 2022

The social media community is rife with speculation after Riccardo Bosi was blocked from speaking at Sydney's #SackThemAll rally. Mack from Half Time Speech takes to the air to explain his point of view.

The story so far:

1. Aussie Cossack publicly invited Riccardo Bosi to speak during a 2 hour live interview which has been viewed over 80,000 times.

2. Aussie Cossack was unaware that Mack from Reclaim the Line and Riccardo Bosi had a falling out.

3. Aussie Cossack publicly endorsed Riccardo Bosi during his speech to the crowd.

4. Despite Bosi approaching the stage and being ready to speak Mack made a decision to block Bosi.

5. Aussie Cossack publicly disagreed with Mack's decision and proposed Bosi walks onto the stage anyway.

6. Mack claimed full responsibility for the decision to block Bosi.

7. This enraged Bosi who said to Aussie Cossack "I'm not a f***ing prop!".

8. The story continues...

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