Red Ice Radio - Barbara Lamb - Pt 6 - Crop Circles Revealed


Red Ice TV


Published on Jul 21, 2010

Author Barbara Lamb is with us, she has written the books "Alien Experiences - 25 cases of Close Encounter Never Before Revealed" And "Crop Circles Revealed: Language of the Light Symbols". We go into the Crop Circle phenomena and talk about some of the science behind it. We go through some of the main theories surrounding the temporary templates. How are they created and what is the purpose of the Crop Circles? We discuss the video's where "Balls of Light" and "Beams of Light" are seen forming the patterns and geometry in the fields. Topics Discussed: Crop Circles, Wiltshire, Geological Aquifers, Dr Levengood, 800 Degrees Fahrenheit Heating of the Stems, Crop Circle Proximity to Megalithic Sites, Ley Lines, Circles at Other Places in the World, How has the 2010 season been so far? Geometry, Oil Seed Rape (Canola Fields), Circles Created During the Night, Braded Properties of the Crops, Tramlines Distances and Sizes, E.T. behind the Circles, Increased Crop Yield, Energy, Volt Meter Readings, Dowsing, Convergence of Ley Lines, Nodes, Heat, Steam, A Shrunken Porcupine, Birds Reacting to Crop Circles Flying Around Them, Magnetic Disturbance, Magnetometer, Dead Bird in a Circle, Plants Not Burned by the Heat. Don't miss hour two with Barbara Lamb as we talk more about the balls of light that have been seen making some of the Crop Circles. Is the footage fake or real? We talk about Math, Geometry, Fractal Geometry, Mandelbrot Set, Binary, the 2002 Alien and Disc pattern, Decoding, Diatonic Scales, Earth Lights, Interaction, Attention, Intention, Meditation, ET and the Connection to Alien Abductions.