Support Golden Dawn demonstration - Υποστήριξη Χρυσή Αυγή επίδειξης


Nordiska motståndsrörelsen


Published on Nov 13, 2013

On Saturday The Nordic Resistance Movement held a support demonstration in Stockholm for the Golden Dawn. Here is the begining of the speech held (the part is not in the movie):

Comrades, on the first of November of this year two young activists from the Golden Dawn were shot to death out outside their party headquarters in Athens.

This act of violence was a natural conclusion to come because of the agitation and provocation being directed at them, which was being spread both throughout Greece as well as in the world media.
I believe acts such as these were to be expected by the majority of people who are having the slightest insight into present day politics in Greece.

Those who specifically performed these murders are definitely of interest, but our sword should be directed primarily against the media giants and those other ruling powers within the West.

Whose politicians plan of action it is to demonize and forbid us, all the while allowing violent hooligans to physically attack us, as these same politicians sit on the TV stage each morning sneering at us with their Colgate smiles, speaking of democracy, diversity, economic growth, understanding, and humanism. Those sick minded individuals who control Europe, have as their intention to murder us and our people. Their "diversity" and "democracy" have they sown themselves to be directly deadly for the native people of Europe and they will not be satisfied until the population of Europe is consisting of a race-mixed, rootless, sheeple made of proletarian consumers.

At the speed of which our resistance to these forces grows, so does the hatred and violence against us increase, so as said do not let yourselves be fooled. For the so called left and Zionist capitalism have made a joint agreement to crush us, for they are but heads of the same hydra.

In regards to the enemies attempt to crush the Golden Dawn everything seems to be be pointing to the facet that our Greek comrades just have become stronger. They were reported in a recent poll to have been named to the largest party in Greece with 22 percent of the peoples votes.

The way forward will as a result be turbulent. If one believes otherwise then you are lulling yourself and even worse others in what can only be called comfortable illusions. The system has access to enormous resources and an army of tens of thousands of statesmen whose job to fight us becomes all the more clear. That, in combination with even more non-European men of military age that are pouring into our nations make our job anything but easy. But our job is not impossible. In order to implement our visions of Greece being for Greeks and the North being for Norsemen and a free and strong Europe, so must the National Resistance strengthen itself roll up its arm sleeves and begin to think about the bitter battle we have ahead of us.
We must avoid words like pacifism, decorum and docility. Europe's enemies are not going to meet us with respect because we are polite towards them. They would interpret such an act as weakness and move forward their position even further into our societies. Their intention is as the former Swedish Minister Göran Persson once expressed it "to crush us." That of course makes all the more clear that that they prefer a soft movement over one which shows with both words and actions that we have had enough! We are not susceptible to their fear tactics nor to their threats on being socially stigmatized and the movement lives and is strong and it is growing. All indications point to the fact that the should fear us and not the other way around. It feels like a alarm clock stands and rings violently in Brussels, New York or even in Tel Aviv; they seem to be genuinely worried for the European Awakening taking place.