Bernie Sanders to the Woodshed


Ryan Dawson


Published on Jan 28, 2016
For as little as a dollar a month we can woodshed them all.
Under Robin Hood The government would steal from the people and Robin Hood stole it back.
Under Bernie Sanders the Government Steals more from the people and there is no Robin Hood to take it back
Bernie is the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Seriously I am amazed how someone can yell wealth inequality! "Ah the solution is for me make the government even richer so we can have more wars." And yes that is based on his voting record exactly what Bernie spends the money on, wars and bailouts and everything his supporters oppose.

People are victim to their own conformation bias. Sanders is a Zionist Jew who thinks markets are bad and government should have central control. His tax plan should be in the communist party.
The US already has the highest corporate tax in the world.

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