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Lördagsintervju 45 del 2 - professor Arnsberg om vad som gör en kultur stark.


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Published on Mar 29, 2019

We got to meet Professor of Ethnology Karl-Olov Arnstberg in Thailand, where, in this second part of the interview, he motivates how, he believes, Islam results in a stronger culture than the Swedish culture.

Arnstberg begins by explaining that the strength of a culture is linked to its self-confidence. There has been a struggle between the Christian and Muslim cultures for more than a thousand years.
In light of the earlier struggle for Europe, one can objectively see mass immigration to Europe as another attempt at invasion.

He argues that Islam is a war culture that rests on a religious self-confidence that allows its followers to see themselves as superior, whilst Western countries speak of everyone's equal value, and similar ideas, which are quickly perceived as a weakness.

Islam is the fastest growing religion globally, so it's ridiculous to see Muslims as a minority.

The Western civilisation that dominates the world has had a nagging self-doubt after World War II, and this has gained momentum during the eighties, especially at universities.

Countries that are still heavily influenced by the Christian faith are far more sceptical about Islam than secularised countries have been.

He continues by explaining that religions are also old rule systems for how society should function. These have been chiselled out through the centuries. Common features are that religions put the family at the centre and have rules to control the sexuality of society, both necessary for society's survival, according to Arnstberg.

In the West we have got a new regulatory system that can be described as a religion of goodness. It has been important in motivating the openness towards Islam and immigration from foreign cultures.
When terror attacks occur you should not want revenge but rather hope that goodness will prevail. For other cultures, this is perceived as a weakness, and history shows that the culture that does not maintain dominance goes under.

Arnstberg believes that the religion of goodness has not yet been tested by reality. Is it possible, for example, to manage to maintain goodness when more and more people in society are to be supported by welfare?

Another reason why Islam results in a stronger culture relates to gender roles. According to Arnstberg, research shows that throughout history matriarchy has not worked. For centuries, men and women have adapted to different roles where men have protected society and women have focused on caring for children.

Society must sometimes use violence to defend against criminals and also from outside attacks, but the female mindset precludes the use of force. This makes a culture like the Swedish, which is increasingly governed by women, into a weak culture.
At the same time, we in Sweden agree that men and women should be equal and that we're hardly likely to want it in any other way. This means that the problem of a weakening culture remains.

Finally, we go through a viewer question as to why perpetrators of elderly crime are to a large extent found among Roma.
Arnstberg explains that an important element is that minorities which manage to maintain their minority culture for many generations do so by maintaining a distinct buffer against people outside their own group. The purpose is to prevent mixed marriage. The distinction makes it possible to commit this type of crime without being stigmatised within their own group.

He believes that Roma have developed a fantastic survival capability that most of us Swedes cannot match,.

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