Documentary "Donbass: I’m Alive!"


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Published on Apr 30, 2022

‘What are they doing? Making a human shield! They hide behind old men! Idiots! Damned Ukraine! It makes me so angry!’

An RT Documentary camera crew has just returned from Mariupol and collected residents’ stories for a film. More than 400,000 lived underground – and the Armed Forces of Ukraine didn’t allow them out of the city.

In the Donbass: I’m Alive film, there are stories of people who had to survive Ukrainian shelling and even endure torture. They all went through hell. Now Mariupol residents are happy that they are alive and hope for the best.

In the new film, you will also have the story of a volunteer from Texas who came to Donbass eight years ago because he refused to believe American propaganda. And other volunteers who risk their lives to feed and reunite families.

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