Baroque Concertino Opus 61. "Los Condes De Oñate"


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Published on Aug 13, 2020

Baroque Concertino Opus 61. "Los Condes De Oñate"

©1979 All Rights Reserved.

Álvaro Guevara Vázquez, Composer BMI.

Holy Grail Publishing Association of America.

This work is dedicated to my paternal ancestor, Íñigo Vélez de Guevara y Tassis, 8th Count of Oñate, Viceroy of Naples, Spanish Ambassador to the Holy See.

A Diplomat who played a key role, defusing the Thirty Years War in Central Europe in the middle ages.

A descendant of Visigoth Nobleman, Prince, Vigila Scemeniz Aka "Vela Jiménez" of the Kingdom of Pamplona/ Navarra, Basque Country.

My warmest regards,

Álvaro Guevara Vázquez, Composer.