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Published on May 22, 2020

The Ultimate coronaVirus Documentary film! We are at the most important fork in the road humanity and life on earth has ever faced. Support this project & Access the archives @
#LiftingTheVeil #Covid19 #Coronavirus Our choice from here MUST BE MADE WITH FULL DISCLOSURE OF INTENT. This life changing educational documentary research film includes satire and heavy hyperbole & storytelling for the purpose of using allegory and speculation, where clarified, to compare it to the hard science to get a good moral compass, combined with a glimpse into the future on where we are going as a species and where we DESIRE TO GO. You may share upload this video anywhere, but All description links and sources to this page must be intact.

There is so much misinformation and confusion going around. We need to do a deep dive into the available data and make sense from the worlds leading experts in the field and compare it to what is being recommended and how those recommendations are perfectly aligned with a pre ordained agenda by multinational tech, surveillance capitalism, and 4th industrial revolution giants, the patents and policies being put in place that serve their purpose. I do not wish to spread sensationalism, or false claims, which is why i've included all my cited references on screen for fact checking all claims made. If you disagree or are offended with parts of the video, I ask you to actually take notes, make a researched rebuttal, please feel free and post the evidence that provides correction and I will take measures to review it and correct my work accordingly. LET'S BE ADULTS AND HONEST ACADEMICS. coronavirus, pandemic, World Health Organization, Bill Gates digital vaccine ID2020 Alliance, GAVI, World Economic forum, westworld, dystopian police state future, brave new world order

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