Radio 3Fourteen - Angelo John Gage - National Youth Front vs. ASU's "The Problem of


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Published on Apr 9, 2015

Radio 3Fourteen - Angelo John Gage - National Youth Front vs. ASU's "The Problem of Whiteness" Course

Angelo John Gage is a political activist who is fighting against Marxism in all its abominable forms. A former US Marine, Gage went on to graduate from the International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis as a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Conversational Hypnotist. He also chairs the National Youth Front, an elite youth organization dedicated to the preservation of all White people, including their nations and cultures across the globe. Angelo joins us to talk about the anti-White agenda and what groups like the NYF are doing to combat the massive PSYOP warfare directed at Whites. We discuss Arizona State University's recent course offering of "The Problem of Whiteness," and the victory that NYF achieved by calmly and fearlessly standing up to this blatant defamation of Whites. Angelo points out several other incidents of White discrimination across the board, and the liberal agenda that keeps Whites from realizing their race is under attack. Further, we look at the immense shift to war mode that has occurred since 9/11, and the fact that many glaring, unanswered questions are resulting in a serious mistrust in government. We get into the detrimental effects of the feminist movement, a cyberspace non-reality created by technology and the battle of hearts and minds that is finally triggering a much needed spiritual revolution. In conclusion, Angelo highlights strategies for making progress in this numbers game, creating a religion of embracing self-improvement and removing the toxicity in our lives, and staying with a simple, humorous approach in inspiring our brothers and sisters to take action so we can move forward and construct a harmonious, healthy, and honorable future.

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