Maajid Nawaz Lies About ISIS


Old Earthling Carl


Published on Jul 25, 2017

Maajid Nawaz lies about ISIS.

Maajid accuses these ISIS mothers of abusing their children by training them to kill, but in reality that's exactly what a good Muslim mother should be doing. The only way guarantee getting to Paradise is by being killed fighting in the Way of Allah so they are just following their religion properly.

The fact Maajid doesn't tell his audience this basic part of Islam is highly concerning as he knows the information and has the credentials (brown Muslim) to say it without having the "WACCCISSST" claims thrown his way.

And of course ISIS = Islam, anyone who denies this is a complete tard.

EDIT - at 2:20 I mean to say the only SURE way to get to heaven. You can get their by being a "good" Muslim but there is no guarantee.

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