Head of "Radio Islam" in Sweden Ahmad Rami: Judaism Is Like a Mafia in the West




Published on Jun 18, 2018

Swedish-Moroccan writer Ahmad Rami, the founder and head of the Swedish-based "Radio Islam," said in a recent TV interview that Judaism "is like a mafia in the West." Rami, who was convicted in 1990 for hate crimes, said that "the Zionists are occupying Europe and the West both politically and in terms of the media." When the Al-Mayadeen interviewer tried to draw a distinction between Zionists and Jews, Rami responded that "there is no difference between Jews and Zionists" and said that Judaism "is like a mafia in the West." "The media in its entirety is Zionist," he said, adding "YouTube is Zionist, Yahoo is Zionist, and Google is Zionist, but they compete for a share of the market." The interview aired on June 6. For similar statements made in 2005 by Rami, see MEMRI TV clip 875.

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