World's smallest yacht that fits everything


Pravda Report


Published on Jan 17, 2014

Among car enthusiasts, there are many of those, who follow the smaller the better principle. Italian company Lazzarini Design decided to follow this life motto of minimalism as well and fitted a whole house into a small yacht. Well, this is not exactly a whole house, of course, but it does have a bathroom and a kitchen. The length of this small masterpiece is only seven meters, and it is only four meters wide.

The yacht is called Jet Capsule - well, it does look like a capsule in which one can surf the ocean for thousands of miles away from home. Inside, there are seats for nine passengers.

All passengers will be protected from external threats by bulletproof glass - probably this is an allusion to the fact that only a person with many enemies, can afford such a toy. After all, despite the size, the cost of most unpretentious models of Jet Capsule is at least 250 thousand dollars. Plastic Soul

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