The Character Assassination of Alex Jones


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Published on Dec 13, 2016

As demonstrated in my documentary film “Alex Jones vs. The Mainstream Media” (, the information war against Alex Jones been going on for a long time, but after the establishment’s historic loss to Trump and Infowars, the smear campaign against Jones has escalated to unprecedented levels. In the last year, the hit-pieces, defamation, and slander have kicked into high gear.

There is no question that MSM’s crusade against “fake news” is undeniably a blatant attempt to censor Infowars and Alex Jones.

Don’t listen to the presstitute media whores. Check out Alex Jones and Infowars for yourself! Hear the rebuttals to their defamatory propaganda.

Music credits:

All songs by Torrey Desmond Rogers

Songs in order:
Rise of the Phoenix
The 9th Threshold

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