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Published on Jan 14, 2016

PEMF Expert Training - Find the Best PEMF Devices for a successful PEMF Therapy. Find the PEMF devices here

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Welcome to our PEMF training (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) that are used in many different areas. Some of you may be heard that it's used with horses and with dogs as a very intense treatment with all those multi-million dollars.

Horses that are in races. It's also used in dentistry to regrow your bones and to stimulate your immune system. After tooth extraction or when you had an infection, it can also be used as a cancer treatment in Europe very specific.

They use this as the direct cancer treatment. It can also be used for detoxification, for bone density, for immune activation, very strong oxygen uptake, nutrient uptake, hundreds of applications that make these devices quite popular and because they are so diverse and so many different fields.

We've been swamped with questions over the past five years and we finally decided to put this expert training together which gives you answers to everything you need to know.

1:12 The first video, we talked about what is PMF and where does it come from? how does it actually affect your body and why does it affect your body.
PEMF expert training-1:

1:20 The second video, we look at how to use PEMF and how to use different devices? what is the difference between a ringer device and an oscillating device? which is a big difference?
I used intense clinics and the other ones are more home models.
So, we cover all of that and then we cover all the different forms of applications. What you can use it.
PEMF expert training-2:

1:48 In the third video will really look into details cancer and PEMF, depression and detailed PMF, osteoporosis. So, we cover a whole range of different diseases. How you use the device? which device is best suited for that application and also what needs to be looking out for and that brings to us.
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2:07 Video number four, precautions, how to use it best? how to actually use it to earn an income and to provide service from your clinic, from your wellness cancer or even privately to all the people around you in need and through that finance your own machine.
PEMF expert training-4:

So everything covered and we've covered all the precautions what to watch out for and what could be dangerous.

So that you don't get into trouble when you use one of those devices.

We've also created an ebook where we transcribe this whole thing and you can see beside me. Click to download the ebook:

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