'What Is A Woman' Arrives Just In Time For Pride Month | Ep. 963


Matt Walsh


Published on Jun 1, 2022

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00:00 - Opening
02:01 - What Is A Woman' Arrives Just In Time For Pride Month
14:40 - Biden Administration Brings In BTS To Address Anti-Asian Hate
21:11 - Shocking: Years Of Hormone Therapy Still Leaves Trans Athletes At An Advantage
24:46 - Female Prison Inmates Being Forced In Cells With Trans Identifying Men
31:29 - Leftists Outraged That J.D. Vance Wants To Ban Porn
40:28 - The Comments Section
46:28 - Star Wars Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the holy month of pride month begins today and we’re kicking it off by waging an all out assault on gender ideology with my new film, which premieres tonight. We’ll talk about it today. Also, the White House responds to the various crises plaguing the nation by inviting the Korean pop group BTS to the press briefing. Plus, a female inmate who fears for her life after being locked in prison with biological males speaks out. Her story is truly outrageous and terrifying. JD Vance earns ridicule from the Left for making some very correct observations about pornography. And in our Daily Cancellation, yet another Hollywood actress is traumatized because a few people online criticized her. 

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