What AK Grip is the Best? (9 Options Compared)


Gunny McGunsmith


Published on Jan 14, 2021

In this video we compare the following AK grips (weight in parentheses):
- Tango Down/US Palm Grip (96g)
- Strike Industries Enhanced Grip (94g)
- Hogue Overmold Grip (97g)
- Magpul MOE AK Grip (83g)
- Magpul K2 Grip (83g)
- Promag Archangel Grip (118g)
- Russian Izmash Made Bakelite Grip (89g)
- Egyptian Maadi Blue Black Grip (64g)
- 3D Printed AK100 Style Grip (92g)
- And a Type 2 Wood Grip (97g)

Criteria for the review included weight, traction, comfort, other notable features, and the ease of manipulating the safety. In order for best to worst for safety engagement distance, the grips are as follows:

1) Strike Industries Enhanced Grip
2) Magpul K2 Grip
3) Promag Archangel
4) Tango Down/US Palm
5) Egyptian Blue/Black Grip
6) Magpul MOE Grip
7) Izmash Bakelite Grip AND 3D Printed AK100 grip
8) Hogue Grip (this grip mad safety manipulation very difficult)
9) Type 2 Wood

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