#359 11-13-19 America's Ruling Class VI


Luke Ford Livestreams


Published on Nov 13, 2019

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00:00 Impeachment 1: It’s All About The Ukraine
07:20 Porsalin vs JF Gariepy vs Nick Fuentes vs Richard Spencer
10:45 What Will YouTube Do On December 10?
20:45 Google Becomes Banker [includes Google enters medicine]
25:50 Don Cherry On Tucker Carlson
32:00 Can White People Be Aborigines?
36:00 Richard Spencer on Athens vs Jerusalem
1:01:30 Groypers vs Charlie Kirk
1:30:00 Candace Owens sued her hometown as a teenager over “race issues.”
1:34:30 San Francisco: City Of Piss
1:41:40 Why Do We Honor Degenerates? [Lil Peep doc]
1:49:12 Kanye Hooks Up With Joel Osteen
1:59:00 Peter Schiff On Joe Rogan
2:17:00 The Ruling Class
2:49:00 Important people read Steve Sailer, even leftists: https://twitter.com/phl43/status/1194742959243169792





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