What will be Russia's response if Ukraine blows up Crimean Bridge?


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Published on Jun 17, 2022

The Crimean Bridge is a strategically important facility. To blow up the bridge, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) will need long-range missiles, which Ukraine does not have. The Armed Forces of Ukraine may arrange subversive activities at airfields, including at civilian airports. This is the reason why all of Russia's south is closed for flights.

The Russian military take preventive and additional measures to ensure Crimea's security, Kremlin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov said responding to a question about Ukraine's threats to attack the Crimean bridge, TASS reports. Peskov did not clarify what measures they were exactly.

Earlier, State Duma deputy Mikhail Sheremet said that Ukraine's threat to strike the Crimean bridge would be a suicide.

He also addressed his warning to Western countries "if they decide to provide the requested weapons to Ukraine."

On June 15, Dmitry Marchenko, Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that the Crimean bridge would be number one target for the Ukrainian army after Kyiv receives weapons from the West.

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