National Socialist Movement: The Cold Truth 2/20/19


NSM Media


Published on Feb 23, 2019



-Scumbag former Police Chief Al Thomas and Virginia State Police Lieutenant Becky Crannis-Curl ask the judge to throw out the NSM's lawsuit against them. Tonight we dissect the court documents and reasons they filed justifying dismissals. And boy, OH BOY are they doozies!!!

-Salt Lake City gay man gets punched in the face for recording to closely

-The Indiana senate strips hate crime bill

-Texas man attacks random Black people because his mother is dating a Black man

-Jussie Smollett faces prison while prosecutors look into the whites of his lies

The Cold Truth is a no nonsense, straight to the point, in your face program. Hosted by the NSM Chief of Staff Burt Colucci. Join Burt for a cool delivery of the hot topics. Covering a range of discussion points. NO SLANT. NO BIAS. JUST THE COLD TRUTH.


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