Kristan T Harris Exposes Bizarre Pyramid at Hoyt Park with Symbols


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Published on Jul 4, 2016

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Kristan T. Harris Exposes Bizarre Pyramid in the Woods of Hoyt Park in Central Wisconsin. Where did it come from? There are several theories, most recently debunked is the 1980's school project. One local even said "I live in Madison and I first saw this on an end of the year class picnic when I was in grade school, '74-'75. That's several years ahead of the "pre-school art class theory". Besides that, the thing weighs around 8500 lbs. Is it even possible that a preschool art teacher and a custodian did all that work with the help of an army of 3 and 4 year olds for no reason? I think not! Four and a half tons of of formed concrete is not exactly a "do it yourself project". All the structures in the park were built by unemployed operative Masons near the end of the depression, they were the only ones with access to the park, materials and the skills to build something like this. (At least in modern times)"

UPDATE: I am now hearing legends that the Freemasons put it here because Hoyt park ran out of money during the great depression and the masons finished the park for free and may have left this pyramid behind. "built by the Italian Masons that were set to work in that park building the fireplaces for the Government. It is said even when the money ran out for the WPA, they kept building until the work was completed.. Would love to see better pictures of it than what is out there."

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