Why Anti-Donald Trump Protesters Hate Freedom


Stefan Molyneux


Published on Jun 15, 2016

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Question: “My girlfriend and I attended a Trump rally in California and witnessed the violence first hand. We are now seeing threats of violence against Whites emerge on social media from friends of ours who have gone full blown Hispanic-Supremacist.”

“We have seen firsthand the effects illegal immigration has on our community. Our schools are flooded with low-IQ Latino students who choke the resources of our State and yet face dismal graduation and employment rates.”

“We have seen the violence spike in our home town as the White population has been gradually replaced with low skilled immigrants who lack the work ethic and community building skills that made California a once great State.”

“We no longer feel comfortable wearing our Trump gear in public, and for us, ‘White Flight’ is increasingly becoming what seems the only choice if we ever want to start a family. What can we do in our daily lives to protect ourselves and still try to fight back against the invasion that threatens our home? Are we justified in moving if we feel the violence against Whites escalates? We are split on whether or not we have a duty to stand and fight for California. Finally, if the worst happens and Hillary Clinton is elected president, what is the next step for our movement?”

Epic Correction of the Decade

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