Introduction to my Heath and Beauty Channel


Health, Beauty, and Medical Facts


Published on Jul 7, 2020

My channel will be focusing on completely natural and organic products, healthy foods, recipe's, and many more related topics regarding health and beauty. I have produced my own Lip Balm, Inhaler, Facial "anti-aging" Cream, Oil Pulling solution (for teeth and gums), just to mention a few. My studies in natural and organic medicine, plants, herbs, are well over 20 years. i will share in my channel for all of you who want to start being more healthy. God said in the bible, the body heals itself, heals within, not by drugs and chemicals. It's a known fact that chemicals slows down the immune system. We always need our immune system to be functioning at its strongest. I have recipes, products, and ideas how to make your life healthier. Please scribe to my channel and share to all who's looking to be healthier and feeling better in life. Than you for visiting, hoping to see you as a permanent subscriber.