"Mosul Eye" Blogger Omar Muhammad Describes Atrocities of ISIS: The People of Mosul Were on My Side




Published on Sep 7, 2018

Omar Muhammed, founder of the English-language Mosul Eye blog portraying life in the Iraqi city of Mosul under ISIS rule, was interviewed by Deutsche Welle network's Arabic channel. Muhammad said that his motivation to launch the blog was that he had believed that someday people might ask what the people of Mosul did about the ISIS takeover, and he wanted "to prepare an answer to that question." He added that ISIS had threatened him with punishments "yet unknown to humanity" that would make him "pray to be killed like the Jordanian pilot." He said that he did not feel alone because "the people of Mosul were on [his] side." When asked to describe the most horrific things he had seen under ISIS rule, Muhammed described the stoning of two women accused of fornication and the chopping off of a child's hand. The interview aired on September 5.