Helicopter crashes on kindergarten in Ukraine's Brovary


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Published on Jan 18, 2023

Denis Monastyrsky, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and his deputy Yevgeny Enin, were killed in a helicopter crash in the Kyiv region, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

The crash occurred during a flight over the town of Brovary. The helicopter crashed on the building of a kindergarten. Another 16 people, including three children, were killed on the ground as a result of the crash. At least 22 people were injured, including 10 minors.

According to eyewitnesses, before the crash, the helicopter made several circles over a supermarket building, changed its course towards the town centre, began to descend sharply and crashed near the kindergarten.
It is believed that the helicopter could crash either due to a piloting error in bad weather conditions or as a result of the deliberate destruction of the helicopter.
The top officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were flying to one of the hot spots. Seven other people were on board the helicopter with them. All of them were killed in the crash as well.

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