A Women's March Where No One Knows What A Woman Is | Ep. 952


Matt Walsh


Published on May 16, 2022

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00:00 - Opening
01:42 - A Women's March Where No One Knows What A Woman Is
14:34 - Middle School Boys Facing Sexual Harassment Charges For Not Using Proper Pronouns
23:58 - The Latest On The Mass Shooting In Buffalo
33:22 - Stark Difference Between Biden Admin Treatment Of Buffalo and Waukesha Killers
36:59 - Lori Lightfoot Pretending To Read
39:27 - The Latest Kamala Harris Incoherent Rambling
41:56 - The Comments Section
51:14 - Entitled Leftist Immigrants Are Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we hijacked the women’s march this weekend to let all of the attendees know about my new film What Is A Woman. Today I’ll play the full trailer for you and we’ll talk about why the film is needed and what we hope to accomplished with it. Also, speaking of why the film is needed, three middle school boys have been charged with sexual harassment for “misgendering” a classmate. And the media vultures immediately set to work politicizing a mass shooting in Buffalo. Plus, the mayor of Chicago poses for embarrassing photo ops in Texas while violence rips her city apart. And in our Daily Cancellation, an immigrant posts a sign in his Uber instructing passengers not to ask him where he’s from because that question makes him “uncomfortable” and “sick.” 

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