Nocturne Opus 13. No. 1. Álvaro Guevara Vázquez, Composer.


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Published on Sep 5, 2020

My Nocturne Opus 13. No. 1. "Los Crepúsculos" Which I composed on a warms summers night in latter part of the Twentieth Century.

It's dedicated with all my love, to my dearest grand auntie, Doña, María Vázquez de Cervantes Ochoa, Marquesa de Federico; a descendant of Doña, María Luisa de Urquijo, Marquesa de Olías, de Pellew, 9th Viscountess of Exmouth, Imperial Nobility of Great Bretain.

Doña, María, was an Ultra Intellectual, Art Connoisseur and dedicated Philanthropist.

She instilled in me a treasure trove of knowledge, that has enlightened me throughout my life.

My warmest regards,

Álvaro Guevara Vázquez, Composer- Pianist.

Grandmaster of the Imperial Knight's and Dame of the Holy Grail, by the Grace of God.

©1980 All Rights Reserved. Álvaro Guevara Vázquez, Composer- Pianist- B.M.I.

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A Subsidiary of the Imperial Knight's and Dame of the Holy Grail.

Recording and Performance: By the Composer.

Piano: 9th Ft. Steinway Hamburg Grand Piano.