Physicist Ilija Lakicevic On Consciousness, Quantum Physics and 5G


Robert David Steele


Published on Feb 11, 2020

Professor Ilija Lakicevic, pioneering mapper of new and free energy and author of a forthcoming book on new energy that remediates all forms of radiation including nuclear and 5G, returns for a more in-depth interview on the needed integration of consciousness and science; the Balanced Field Effect, how radiation in all its forms equals entropy, disease, decay & death; and now the new energy Deca and the new knowledge of integrated free energy leads to immortality and immanence for all humanity. The video concludes with a brief discussion of the new offering, 5GBioShield, a tool for individuals seeking protection from radiation while they acquire their own ability to consciously turn all negative energy away from them and live inside a balanced positive energy field.

New Energy Essay:


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