This young man right here in Florida was on the phone with his mama...ust calling his mama


Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News


Published on Jul 26, 2020

This young man right here in Florida was on the phone with his mama. Just calling his mom and cop gives him a ticket because he’s not wearing the mask just right. I’m not really sure how much more I can handle watching this and reporting on this. In all my years of covering the news whether it be for a top website now or back in my blogging days, this breaks my heart. Where is the outrage? Anyone want to join me for a protest because I’m ready? And yes. I covered the Black Lives Matter protests as well. Perhaps you saw some of my photographs I covered as a journalist live at the protest.

Do you understand that this ticket is over $100 for this young man and he explains that’s a lot of money. Especially during a pandemic. And he really didn’t want to sign the citation but they said then they would take him in and arrest him. What is becoming of America? What has become of our society? Isn’t there enough sh%t going on in the world that because he moved his mask slightly so his mom could hear him that they could cut him a break? And he was so kind. He was so polite and he was raised right. Tears stream down my face. I don’t know how much longer I can cover watching us go from a free society, or at least a little bit free, to a draconian Orwellian nightmare that looks like it’s going to start sounding more like 1940s Germany by the day. They have hired an entire small force of 39 cops just in the Miami area to be mask police. I’m not even making this up. And they’re doing it in Fort Lauderdale and there was a mandate that people have to have masks on in their own homes. If they have guests etc. What next? Bill Gates? He’s already working on it. A vaccine mandate? I fear for the future of our country. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLives #HolisticLives #HealthNutNews #ErinElizabeth #ICannotTagAnymore





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