Analysis of the Centre of the Cyclone, by Pete Papaherakles


Brian Ruhe


Published on Jul 28, 2018

Please freely copy and share this video. "The Godfather", Pete Papaherakles has written hundreds of articles for American Free Press and The Barnes Review. He gives his wise insight on the event on my three previous vdieos about July 18, 2018 when three policeman and one police woman questioned me on Kitsilano Beach. My assistant, Diane and I made a video with my sign, “Video on your views. Are Diversity and Multiculturalism codes words for White Genocide?” We were interviewing an older gentleman for about 40 minutes who agreed with us when a young Jew and his young accomplice interrupted us and recognized me as a Nazi, from a previous rally at City Hall where he saw my salute. A third accomplice assaulted me physically by ramming his bicycle into me at 1:25. You can hear me saying, "That's assault!" They kept chanting loudly, “Nazi’s aren’t welcome in the park!” They said "Nazi" over 60 times!! They drew a crowd of about 80 people around us and hundreds heard them.

As expected, I was cool, calm and cheerful and I stood my ground and refused to leave. Many people yelled at me. I had three allies present but almost everyone seemed to be against me. I strategically sat down on a log and held my seat. I didn’t let people see my sign but I passed out my new business card. I relaxed, smiled and took a few questions as they were shouting but I didn’t say much.

Then the police arrived with their sand mobiles. After 20 minutes with the police they released me to walk home with Diane. All of this is recorded on video and will be released soon. This was such an unexpected success! I think the biggest benefit of this video is that it shows how people are conditioned and brainwashed.

After the Jews who says that his name is Reuben Herschel screamed at me for six minutes in the short video clip, the next 20 minutes of video was lost due to a camera problem corrupting the file. Unfortunately this lost piece of video covered a very lively display with about 80 people standing around watching and some heavily condemning me. One angry man said that his father was in a Nazi concentration camp. I said, “Well your father survived. 99% of American POWs survived German camps and made it home and they were treated fairly”.

You can see a big heavy guy coming up to me and the police in the last part of the complete video. He yelled, “I had family that were killed in the death camps during the Holocaust! You’re a Nazi and if the police weren’t here I would kill you!!” I looked at him silently and listened to how he felt. The police and the crowd turned against him and got him to leave immediately. You can see in the video that I then turned to the policeman behind me. I said, “Hmm… doesn’t that sound like uttering threats?” The police explained that my message was very controversial. I replied, “I was just interviewing this older man for about 30 minutes, about immigration when this young Jewish guy interrupted us and kept yelling at me. He was the one drawing the big crowd, not me!”

While filming me, you can hear on the video the obscene things men were saying to Diane. You can see the serious looking plain clothes policeman walk up to the Jew and the other man and order them, “Go somewhere else.” They agreed and promptly backed off.

The four police included two plain clothes police in black T shirts. They questioned me and deliberated with the radios for about 20 minutes deciding what to do. The officer, Curt, said that there was a record of me using hate speech on July 9th over a week before. I said, “No. The last time I was out was on June 24th when Jordan Peterson was here and two Chinese police came and questioned me. That was about hate speech. A street person complained that we were filming him without his permission.” I wonder why would they have such a completely false record? They had access to my medical information as well and we discussed that.

Officer Curt replied, “You mean two police officers of Chinese descent”, as though I had said something politically incorrect. I replied, “Yeah”. He asked about my video talk show and I mentioned that I have done a dozen videos with David Duke. He said, “I’ve never heard of him” I replied, “Well the President of the United States knows him”. He scoffed as tough he didn’t like Trump. I said that I’ve been making these videos for five years and this is my main occupation. He asked, “How do you manage?” I said, “I get donations”. He looked a bit surprised and disappointed. All of the police expressed disagreement with my views but I don’t know what they truly believe. Officer Curt did say, “I know you. I was one of the officers around you last August at City Hall. I disagreed with your views then too but I was doing my job to protect you. This could have gotten bad fast.”

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