HORRIFIC: Chinese Government Targets Spiritual Groups For FORCED Organ Harvesting WHILE ALIVE!!!


Press For Truth


Published on May 14, 2020

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The Chinese government may very well be the most brutal regime on the face of the planet as they have legally sanctioned themselves to have the authority to forcefully detain people for the purpose of harvesting their organs to be sold in a multi billion dollar industry. They have been specifically targeting anyone who practises spiritual discipline in the Buddhist tradition called Falun Gong because they see the movement as a threat to their power and because these people are typically extremely healthy with perfectly functioning organs that sell at a high price. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Mitchell Nicholas Gerber, an activist who has been exposing these horrific atrocities for 20 years risking his life in Vietnam close to the border of China to show the world what is really going on in what may be China’s darkest days.


What is Falun Gong and why its brutally outlawed in China:

Forced Organ Harvesting in China CONFIRMED Evidence Sites:



The Kilgour Matas Report Confirming the irrefutable evidence:

The Coalition Roundtable: Proven Evidence of the Crime against Humanity
Watch the Series: http://endorganpillaging.org/rt2017/  

On the 17th June, 2019, the China Tribunal delivered its Final Judgement and Summary Report:

17 years investigating, and I recently sat down with leading investigators in the UK’s Parliament, found here.

My death threat:

the award winning 10 minute documentary:

Hard to believe Documentary: Winner of 18 awards:

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