3 shocking facts about the WHO leader you need to know


Avi Yemini


Published on Apr 16, 2020

Since Trump officially defunded the WHO, a lot of you are asking an excellent question: If the US was the most significant financial contributor to the organisation, how does China maintain so much more influence over them?

After all, US funding exceeded China’s contribution by more than ten-fold. So there’s no way securing Chinese WHO funding plays any part as many in the media claim.

To get the truth, you have to know WHO their leader is.

Dr Tedros Adhanom

China supported Tedros’s bid to lead the WHO in 2017, even though he was not trained as a medical doctor.

That’s right; the head of the World Health Organization is NOT even a medical doctor. Tedros has a Doctorate of Philosophy.

So why would China support his bid to lead the organisation?

Well… It turns out, Tedros is a communist.

The WHO director is a member of the violent and powerful communist Ethiopian political party known as TPLF, which some analysts consider a terrorist organisation.

Either way, nothing could make the CCP happier than having a fellow Commie in charge.

If you still have any doubt as to if China controls Tedros, here’s another fun fact: Ethiopia borrowed more than $13 billion from China when Tedros was foreign minister. China has since invested so much into Ethiopia that it’s become known as ‘Little China.’

In summary: China literally OWNS the WHO leader.

Like all corrupt UN organisations, it’s not who funds the specific organisation; it’s who funds its leader that calls the shots.

In this case, he’s a communist, owned by China with no moral compass who once even named Robert Mugabe a WHO ‘goodwill ambassador’.

Let that sink in.


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