Justin Barrett Discusses Irish Neutrality


The National Party


Published on Dec 7, 2017

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Justin Barrett, President of the National Party │ An Páirtí Náisiúnta speaks at a Party meeting in Cork City. September 2017.

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We are dedicated to the project of national unity and to the cause of national resurrection. From beneath the rubble of debt, defeatism and disunity, we will raise this nation once more and forever to a self-conscious player upon the stage of history. We owe nothing to the world but the perpetuation of an Irish nation. No outside people, no outside laws and no outside morality should deter us from our one sovereign duty, to the betterment of our own people. In mind, in body and in spirit.

Nations are peoples. They are ethnic and cultural communities. They have a value beyond the here and now, beyond the trite political fashions of the day. And just as the destruction of Lower Fitzwilliam Street or Viking Dublin now seem like reckless acts of cultural vandalism, so will the policies of unrestricted immigration be viewed in future times as philistine and absurd. There is little use in having a state that does not first and foremost serve the interests of the nation.

The National Party will enact a radical transformation of Irish society, erected brick by brick on the foundations of natural rights, fiscal autonomy, national unity and the willingness to sacrifice for the future. We stand not on abstract theories or passing trends but on the firm granite of tradition, common sense and natural law. No social or economic project will make any progress without a plausible account of human nature, grounded in integral units such as family, parish and nation.

There is no time for delay and no space for compromise. Either we claim what is ours or we surrender it forever. Nothing less is at stake than an Irish future for an Irish people.

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