Partygate Jan/Feb 2022: a psychological warfare operation to attack UK PM Boris Johnson, Sven Hughes




Published on Mar 7, 2022

Sven Hughes • CEO at Enigma Strategic Communications Ltd.
February 2022


a) Sue Gray hands over report, Sunday or Monday
b) Monday PM goes to house and defends position, kicks into long grass

c) Blames the Met for lack of clarity - whether conspiracy or cock-up
d) Sycophantic MPs say its all frippery, he got the big decisions right
e) PM will say world war beckons
f) Two old men doing badly in the polls, Johnson/Biden talk up a war and say they are the world saviours, war is 'a month away' (Biden)
g) Ukraine's president Vlodymyr Zelensky has called on the West not to create a panic
h) Tuesday PM flies to Ukraine/Estonia to be photographed with tanks (Liz Truss)
i) MPs: In the face of war Partygate is unpatriotic and silly
j) At all costs stop a leadership election at a time of war - Rees Mogg says Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak would have no authority

Sorts all of Boris' problems in one step
But it conflates Partygate and Ukraine, the tactical with the strategic
Underestimates Russia, Sergei Lavrov
PM must get a result short of war, for this strategy to work, as peacemaker
Gives away PMs psychological momentum
Sergei Lavrov's psychological judo
Mistake for the West to go tactical, risk for NATO to be guided by these influences
Putin fractures NATO, gets top table, may get Minsk 2 agreement through / federal system - Donbass, Donyetsk/Lughansk regions

A note to anyone hiring strategic communications advisers. If they aren't the very best, they become predictable, and risk your company / nation. Here are the notes I took before a radio interview I did on Sunday, when I went on the record and predicted the UK government's stratcoms strategy for the week ahead. A risky thing to do, from a professional perspective. Judge for yourself. If I can anticipate the UK plan, then so can Russia. And that enables 'psychological judo' to be used against the UK. If you've ever wondered whether top-tier stratcoms is worth the money, well, one thing it buys you is foresight. And that can make the difference. You can follow me on Twitter for updates on the below. We are currently up to 'H'.

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