The Spinning Ball Proofs - SMASHED


John Thor


Published on Mar 12, 2020

Every news article about f.E paints a clear picture of why they believe millions of people are giving up the popular belief of the globe and it has nothing to do with research, experiments, or proof, but rather a complete denial of everything space agencies and science tells us. Such proofs of the globe can't be denied, so here is a man not denying them at all.

This is my slightly edited version of a globe smashing video produced by F.E.B. I've only added an intro and a music video outro. Please subscribe to F.E.B if you haven't already. You'll be glad you did.

Original video link




Where Is the Curve? Chief Crow

Chief Crow & The F... E....WORMS


tellmewhatyoulove (Graphics)


Links to clips/proofs used in video:

bmlsb69 Channel
Platforms that should be hidden behind the curve
Taboo Conspiracy ii
Humpback Whales Prove Flat Earth:
Taboo Conspiracy ii
Long distance photo of Grand Tete De L'Obiou:
Foucault Pendulum Phone Call to Manufacturer
Beyond Horizons Long distance photo
Rob Skiba's website
Proof of the Firmament
Proof space agencies lie
1200 Miles by JTolan Media 1
Phuket Word Curve Experiement
Wide Awake "Illusion of a sunset"
Sunset Experiment with transparencies by Research Royal Life
Rob Skiba's Atmospheric Lensing experiment
Fisheye Lens Experiment
Let us know if we left off any links! Thanks!


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