2 Million People Predicted to March in Berlin on Aug 29 and You Are Invited! #Prostests2020


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Published on Aug 14, 2020

Message received from 'Postcollapse'

After up to 1 million people gathered in Berlin on August 1, 2020, according to various sources throughout the day, it is clear that the historical truth will not be conquerable.

"Corona" will go down in human history as the greatest attack on democracy, scientificity and fundamental rights, which, similar to historical fascism, will entail decades of reappraisal.

On Saturday, August 29th, the democracy and enlightenment movements around "Not without us!" and lateral thinking invite you to Berlin again. Stuttgart's candidate for mayor and chairman of the Querdenken 711 initiative, Michael Ballweg, expects, according to his own statement, quote: "2 million people".

A number that is not unrealistic after the worldwide resounding success of the first mass meeting, especially since the initiatives under the motto "Berlin invites the World" also expect large opposition delegations from France, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Austria, Serbia, Italy and Portugal.

The democracy movement will once again place great emphasis on orthodox medical clarification of the events around Corona. For example, the doctors for education explain how the unscientific PCR test and deliberate misinterpretation of the infection figures propagated a horror scenario that corresponds neither to the comparative harmlessness of the flu infection nor to a scientific use of statistics.

Greetings from Germany

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